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Why do I need?

Wizard is a very fine glass fibre designed specifically for mortar or concrete reinforcement. It has been in use for decades in specialised architectural and construction projects where very high performance is required to withstand sustained stresses or harsh conditions and where long service is important.

– Allows a much stronger mix, leading to a smoother crack-resistant finish that is safer for the fish
– Saves money
– Increases workability, making it easier to apply
– Far stronger, more durable and easier to use than polypropylene alternatives
– Dramatically reduces the likelihood of leaks developing
– High zirconia content offers superb alkali resistance

Why a concrete pond? 

– Concrete will be smooth, liners may have wrinkles
– Less vulnerable to damage from roots
– Will not puncture as liners can
– Low cost
– Resists damage by animals
– Long life expectancy

How does it work?

Concrete ponds, if properly built, will last a lifetime and are much more durable than any other kind. They do, however, require care in their construction if you are to reap all the benefits that this material can offer. A little knowledge of construction techniques will be useful but this is also available in the many pond-building books.

How to Use?

First apply a thin scratch coat of sand and cement (4:1 mix). It is beneficial to include fibres in this coat but not essential. If the concrete is dry and dusty it should be swept and dampened just before application.

Leave the scratch coat to set for at least two days.

Prepare only sufficient render mix that can be used within approximately 45 minutes at a time.

Dampen the scratch coat with a sprayer before applying the render mix. Failure to do this will severely weaken the render and may prevent good adhesion.

Work systematically away from your starting point so that the leading edge has not set before applying the next strip. If you do need to join on a flat surface then it is important to taper off the leading edge before you finish so that you get a good key when you continue.
The render should be applied at 5mm (min) to 8mm (max) thickness. Work on an area that you can reach to trowel off again in a few minutes.

In warm conditions it will take only a few minutes for the material to begin setting and at this point it will need to be trowelled off again to give a final finish. Spraying a fine mist of water on the surface will greatly assist this process. In cool weather it could be an hour or more before final trowelling is possible.


When the final Wizard render has set and dried it can be painted with a proprietary pond paint (see instructions for use). The special characteristics of Wizard ensure that it disperses evenly in the mixer. The product appears to be in flat strips but when water is added and it is subjected to the action of the mixer, all of these strips break into much finer strands. As these are so fine they do not present any kind of hazard if some of them are protruding from the final finish and therefore they do not require any further attention.

A well constructed pond with a Wizard Fibre render and a good quality pond paint could last a lifetime.