Black Knight – News and Tips


Tip #1: Early spring pond tips

EARLY SPRING The weather is now gradually warming up and you will notice that your fish are becoming more active.  Now is the time to do a few maintenance jobs around the pond and to be vigilant for any signs of problems with the fish. Pumps Have you checked your pump recently?  Many people spend…


Tip #3 Autumn / Winter tips

Getting your pond ready for winter Cleaning As the water temperature drops your fish will become much less active and they will enter a semi-hibernation state when the temperature is very low.  The good thing is that as their metabolism slows, so does their production of ammonia and faecal matter thus reducing the load on…


Tip #2 : Summer tips

SUMMER TIPS Filter Cleaning, Aeration, Herons and Brushes need thinking about. Filter cleaning It is during the summer months that the biological loading on your filtration system is at its peak.  Not only does it have the highest concentration of ammonia to purify but particles of fish waste and dying plants (including algae) will be…